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Solar – The clean, green and peaceful way to charge your batteries in silence!

Beacon Marine carry a full range of both flexible and rigid solar panels to suit any requirement, We have a team capable of designing and installing a system to suit for you boat.


  • Yachts
  • Motor boats
  • Motor homes & campervans

Solar panels on boats are becoming more prominent — solar energy is a clean and cost-effective form of energy is becoming more and more popular.

GoFlex solar panels are unique to New Zealand they contain all-back contact solar cells have a solar-cell efficiency of 22%. Ideal for any weather conditions, including extreme heat.  Even when light is scarce, they capture more light than other solar cells.

GoFlex solar panels are thin (less than 3mm thick) and light — up to 80% lighter than conventional solar panels. They are unobtrusive and much nicer to look at when mounted.  With a sleek design they cause less wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

Mounting Options:

GoFlex solar panels can be attached to any size boat, for the small sized boats they can be attached to to the Bimini and can be zipped on or off. This zip-ability means they are easy to remove and fit nicely to canvas.

For hard surfaces, GoFlex solar panels are glued into place using a 3m, VHB adhesive. They can be walked on without causing damage and their textured surface prevents slipping.

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